Nayaks Against Leukemia

David Nayak

David A Nayak MD MPH Department of Internal Medicine Rush University Medical Center Chicago, Illinois

Apr 042011

Mom is physically and mentally improving everday.

Her spirits have been certainly lifted by beginning to re-integrate herself back with her friends and colleagues via telephone.

If you have a chance, please give her a call and leave a voicemail (her schedule is very busy w/ doctor appointments).

She loves to hear all of your voices and will make every effort to return your calls as she starts to gain more energy.

Please continue to pray for:
1.) Physical and mental strength as her post-transplant treatment course is going amazing!
2.) Upcoming bone marrow biopsy on April 11th 2011 to assess whether the cord transplant is engrafting (new hard drive)
3.) Our dad, Nicholas, that he continues to have daily strength to provide assistance for mom

Mar 282011

Mom is doing EXCELLENT!
Her counts are increasing and the plan is for her to be discharged on Wednesday (pending no complications)……

Please continue to pray for:
1.) Her counts continue to rise and she gains her physical strength
2.) She continues strict infection control management
3.) She continues to rely upon her strong faith to bring her through these difficult times

Mar 242011

It was nice to have mom finally enjoy some food as she has been enduring a ton of pain upon swallowing since her transplant (this has prevented her from eating and/or drinking for almost the past week).

Below is Mom & I after a HUGE meal of Indian food, about to go into a food coma 🙂