Nayaks Against Leukemia
Aug 022016

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  1. Dear Anjuli,

    Today, August 2nd, I received an email from you that led me to your blog where I watched your last few videos updating us on how you are doing. And have you been doing! I am so impressed with your spiritual progress; you are inspiring! I’m not sure if you remember me; we and several others shared a dinner at The Corn Maiden restaurant at the Tamaya at our first symposium. I sat at the far end of the table and mostly listened. Yet you asked me to lead us in prayer which I did. Sadness was my baggage back then having lost my wife to breast cancer in 2008 and my 3 children to narcissism and anger following that sad event. Today, thanks to the Living School and my experiences derived therefrom, my sadness has lifted and I now have a 10-month old grandson, the child of my oldest son and his partner. That child has totally changed my son and brought him out of himself to be an incredibly loving father (and son to me) to his child. Miracles happen and continue. I ascribe this to my centering prayer practice which I have done 2X a day for 30 minutes each since I learned this practice at our 1st Symposium. I have let go of my hurt, my sadness, and my anger and am just riding along with Christ on this journey that I am being taken on and I make it my intention to be open to Love wherever it is.

    I bless you with my prayers and ask our loving God to bless, protect, guide, and direct you to wherever our God is taking you. Thank you for sharing yourself in your beautiful videos.

    I look forward to your next sharing.

    Peace and every regard,
    Richard Knipscher