Nayaks Against Leukemia

Your Photos/Videos With Dr.


In addition to your many kind prayers and messages, we thought it would be neat to create a section where people could share photos/videos of themselves spending time with Dr. Anjuli.

Special and cherished moments, serious issues or events, and fun-filled times are all requested.  You can even record a video message for Dr. Anjuli if you like 🙂

Dr. Anjuli would love to see them and possibly share with the Nayaks Against Leukemia family and visitors.

Please send your Photos or Flickr links to:

Videos may be included as links to a YouTube or Google video.

  One Response to “Your Photos/Videos With Dr.”

  1. Dear Anjuli didi and Bro.Nick,

    Sometimes people are put through tests.
    Those tests make us stronger and prepare us
    for the battles we have to fight.
    There are all kinds of battles.

    Everyone has a unique role in God’s plan.
    One that no one else can play.
    I am sure you will do what you are meant to do.

    Have Faith.
    No matter what lies ahead.
    Hold onto your Faith.

    We all are Praying for you and your family. David Renu & Aradhana and Team