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  1. Hi Dr Anjuli,

    I will be thinking of you Weds. and saying prayers. I cannot believe it has been a year. It seems like just yesterday I heard the shocking news. I knew that you were in for the fight of your life and I also knew that of all the people who this could happen to, that you were the one who could fight and win!! With God by your side there was no doubt you could beat this. I am amazed by your strength and will be praying for a wonderful report!!


  2. Hi Dr. Anjuli!
    I loved to see the joy on your face and to hear it in your voice today, your 1st Birthday!!
    We have been secretly praying for you every Wednesday night, for 7 months – 12 men and I.
    I will share your video with them at this Wednesday’s prayer meeting.
    God is so Awesome! I am so happy that you are healed!
    We will continue to pray fervently and with passion that your bone marrow is 100% perfect!
    Thank you for your friendship with my family – my mom especially. She Loves YOU!
    We are all so Grateful to you for showing such courage and Faith in God!
    Thank You,
    Daniel Dolen

  3. Hi Dr Anjuli,

    I think of you and pray for you daily. I am in Texas with Kaleb. He is being stationed at Fort Hood and he wanted to drive his car here, so I rode with him and am flying back Sunday. Isn’t it crazy how quickly they grow up?? Wasn’t it just yesterday that he and Luke were playing and fell in your lake??? Now they are both handsome young men. I am so glad to see you are getting stronger everyday and am praying God continues to hold you in his hands and continues your healing.

    take care,


  4. It was sooooo good to get a glimpse of you today in the office. You look absolutely beautiful and glowing. I heard that you were planning a trip to the AAAI good for you. God is such a miracle worker. Your testimony of what you have been through and how great coming out the other side is will be so inspiring to so many people. You are a living miracle. God Bless You. He has something wonderful that He still needs you to do here on earth. It will be so exciting to see what His plans are for you. Have a wonderfully blessed day. Megan Hoffman told me that she was in Carlock the other night and you were the speaker. She said that she really enjoyed listening to you and got a chuckle out of when you commented that you ususally speak to a room full of men. So glad to hear that you are out doing what you do best. You have no idea as to how many peoples lives that you have touched. Betty

  5. Dr. just thinking and praying for you today. I am sooooo glad that you are feeling better and able to get out of the house for periods of time. It will be a wonderful day when your smiling face is back in the office. We all miss you sooooo much. You are the sunshine and the miracle of the office. Come back soon.

  6. Happy new year Dr. I pray for you daily!


  7. Dr.

    It’s so wonderful to see your smiling face again and hear how well you are doing!!! Praise God!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us! I hope you had a blessed Christmas and and have a very healthy and blessed New Year! As always you are in our thoughts and prayers!

  8. Dr. So glad to see you on the blog again. It has been a very busy Holiday Season. Surrounded by friends and family has been so great. It is wonderful to see your smiling face and hearing the joyous sound of your voice. God is Good. It is true that we have to wait on Him and He will do things in His own time. We so often get inpatient and want things right now but our Lord knows His plan. May you and your family have a joyous, peaceful and an especially healthy year.

  9. Anjuli,
    I just received the news of your disease from Kristi Perkins. And I just finished watching your most recent blog. And I just finished asking God to CONTINUE to bless you with PEACE OF MIND AND JOY OF HEART. The joy you have had in your heart for so many years has been and continues to be a great blessing to me. Thank you for your sense of JOY!! Such is what the Lord Jesus wants so much to give and for us to accept, embrace and possess.
    When I think back on the bible studies we had in San Antonio and in Illinois those memories always bring a smile to my face and a joyful feeling in my heart. I have often thought about you and Maria Elena. Upon every remembrance of you I always thank God.
    Here are wishes, prayers, desires, petitions and hope for your continued recovery. You have been and are such a blessing to so many people. God is glorified as people observe your good works and your faith. God bless you, Anjuli. I love you.
    John Gambino
    PSALM 136 is my special prayer for you. Read it and BE YE THANKFUL!

    • hi John,I was thinking about you I will call you!Thank you for your prayers!Can you come and visit me and nick.I will send you a ticket!

  10. Angie,
    Maria Elena wrote me a Christmas card and told me of your diagnosis of ALL. I am sorry to hear this, but glad to read you are doing well, and your faith is still strong. “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”
    We love you and remember you fondly
    Kristi (and Greg) Perkins, still in San Antonio area, now with 2 kids in college and 2 in high school 🙂

  11. Dear Dr. Nayak,

    It is really great to go through your messages on your blog. So nice to see you are healing…

    Here’s wishing you and all at home a great 2012!


  12. Good Morning Anjuli and Happy New Year! I pray that God continue his wonderful healing for you. I wish you many Blessings and will continue to have you and your family in my daily prayers. Have a wonderful week!!!

  13. I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. I press on to reach the end of the rase and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Jesus CHrist, is calling us.
    Philippians 3:13-14

    Dear Dr. Anjuli,

    I pray that you have a Happy New Year, one spent with the people who matter most in your life.
    One filled with meaning, God’s blessings and good health.

    Take care,


  14. Happy New Year!

  15. Dear Dr. Anjuli,

    Wishing you God’s blessings of love, peace and joy during this season celebrating Jesus birth!
    May the year ahead be filled with blessings for you and your family.

    Love and peace,
    Phoebe and family

  16. Dr. Anjuli ~ I am so glad that you liked your scrapbook! Love you! Karri

  17. Good Evening Dr.
    I hope that you enjoyed our Christmas present to you from the staff at the office. I just want you to know that you are dear and close to my heart. I pray for you and I am very thankful for having the priviledge and honor of being able to know you and Dr. Nick. You and your family have been so kind and compassionate towards me. During this time of year our thoughts become more towards the blessings in our lives and our closeness to our families. We are truly blessed. Though we each face rocky times it is God who sees us through to the other side. Thank you Lord for giving your only son to bear our sins on the cross. Eternity with God……How wonderful that shall be. Betty

  18. Hi Dr. Anjuli,
    I hope you got fabulous news today and I pray every day that God touches your Drs with his wisdom. You have such a strong faith and are a wonderful inspiration. I wish for you a wonderful holiday season.


  19. Dr. Nayak,
    It is wonderful to see you and hear of your continued faith and strength. Wow, 53 orphan children that you sponsor. I will share with you something that Gilbert and I have not shared with anyone. We have sponsored a widow and 2 daughters from India for many years. It gives us great joy to help a family in this way. Your wonderful generosity will be cherished for many years to come. What an example of God’s love you are! My mother visited India in October. She traveled all over the country and had a beautiful experience. She took fabulous pictures….even riding an elephant! My favorite picture is one at Mother Teresa’s convent of a young boy carrying his little sister. At Mother Teresa’s tombstone, it reads simply”I thirst.”. May God continue to bless you and your family and may He continue wrap you in HIs arms. With love, Sandy and Gilbert Tovar

  20. Dear Dr. N and family,
    I heard today of your challenge. Prayers and good thought to you!
    Rhea Mays

  21. Hi Dr: so good to see your continued progress. it is almost one year! our four neices were just down this week and had an appt at the office. sounds like you are still doing great. congrads and hoping to see you againi n the office.
    harry and betty cooney and the four cooney neices

  22. Happy Thanksgiving! May the Lord bless you & keep you & fill you with His praises. I’m thinking of you and praying for you & thanking God for you & your family today and always. God bless, Angelique

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Dr.. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Dr. Nick and the boys.



  25. Dear Dr. Nayak,

    Signed in after a while on your blog…so nice to see you so fresh and even more beautiful …you look gorgeous! I so happy to see you that way..all your and our prayers have been answered plus your undeterred faith in the almighty has helped you sail through this experience. I am very happy for you.

    There is a sad news…Dr. Bapsy lost her husband a few days back on November 16th. When you have the time do call her or write to her she will feel good. Her number is +91 9845624793/

    Love You!


  26. Hello Dr. Anjuli,
    This is Kelly Hanwright, Director of Delhi Theological Seminary. We are the newest addition to TellASIA. I just learned of your diagnosis and just wanted to let you know I and my church will be praying for you. I do not know you well, but when we spoke on the phone, and while watching your blog, I can feel the power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ flowing through you! You are a great encouragement to me. When I viewed you latest blog entry, I cried because I had thought no one had this kind of strong faith and commitment to the lord anymore. He has showed me in you yet another mouth which has not kissed Baal. Thank you for your shining example to us all. We await the news of your full, miraculous recovery for His glory!
    Kelly Hanwright

  27. Hi Dr,
    Congratulations on receiving the Woman in Allergy Award! You have done so much to improve the lives of people with allergies, you are truely deserving of this award. We all continue to pray for you daily!

    Love, pam and family

  28. Anjuli, Sorry to have missed you at the Women in Allergy Luncheon at the ACAAI meeting in Boston, and wish I could have congratulated you in person, on your being awarded our Woman in Allergy Award this year! We were all thinking of you at the meeting, and continue to keep you in our prayers! Congratulations on all you have accomplished, both in the field of Allergy/Immunology and in your life! You are an inspiration to us all. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kathleen May

  29. Open sight
    “to open their eyes..that thay may receive..” acts26:18

    this verse is the grandest condensation of the propaganda of diciple of jesus christ in whole of the new testament.
    the first sovereign work of grace is summed up in words.”that they may receive remission of sins”. when a man fails in christian experience,it is because he has never received any thing. the only sign that man is saved is that he has received something from jesus christ.our part as worker for god is to open the mens eye’s that they may turn themself from darkness to light;but that is not salvation.that is conversion-the effort of roused human being.i do not think it is too sweepy to say that majority of nominal christian are of this order.their eyes are open but thy have received nothing. conversion is not regeneration.this is one of the neglected factor in the preaching. when the the man is born again,he knows he that it is because he has received some thing as a gift from Almighty God and not because of his own decision.people register their vows,and sign their pledges,and determine to go through,but none of this is salvation.salvation means that we are bought to the place where we are able to receive something from god on the authority of jesus christ viz.,remission of sins.

    then there follows mighty work of grace and inheritance among them which are sanctified. in snctification the regenerated soul deliberatly gives up his rights to himself to jesus christ and identifies himself entirely with god’s in other men.

    that means salvation is gift of god and sanctification is giving self to god!

  30. I hope this finds you and yours well and happy. We all have so much to be thankful for, but if you are like us, there are things about life we wish we could change. I once heard Norman Vincent Peale say, “Every living person has problems, it’s part of being alive.” So, I guess we should be more grateful for the fact that living equals problems. Still, we hope your problems are small and your troubles are few.

    With Christmas coming up before long, (I heard Christmas music in Walmart yesterday) our thoughts turn to God. This year a simple message goes out to our friends and loved ones. “God is near you.” This is what Jesus told his witnesses to share with people and last week at Bible study it struck me. “Betty, this is what you need to remember for yourself and then share with every other person – God is near you.”

    When things are going well, and we feel so full of blessings, God is near. When the believer lays his/her head down on a pillow at night, God is there with him/her. Every problem, every heartache, every time we feel the pain of our own guilt from sin, or experience the hurtful words of others who have injured us, God is near.

    This is the message of the earliest Christian witnesses. God has come into our world in Jesus. Jesus has come to us in the Holy Spirit. He is everywhere, near everyone. Near me and near you and your loved ones and friends.

    As Jesus asks us to share this simple message of love, “God is near you”. Wherever you serve, please be intentional about it this season. Pray about it, to see what He would have you do.

    Like you, we are aware of our imperfections, yet we seek to be Christ’s servants. We need each other. It is this very need that drives us back to the mercy and grace of God which is so abundant for us all. Please chose to believe we are free and forgiven because of the work of Christ in our behalf. Celebrate this together with us. He is near all of us.

    Join me this year in coming “home” to the Lord, because the kingdom of heaven is near. It is Christmas season, rejoice. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

  31. Good morning Anjuli, I jsut watched your blog from Saturday.
    It is good to be reminded that people matter, life here is short and we are to be
    about our Father’s business.
    I too am thankful for time to pray and study and be quiet before God.
    Things at Eastview are amazing these days. The new atrium is
    well on it’s way to being done, and the people just keep coming to seek and be saved:))
    BSF is good, I travel this week Tues and Wed.
    Thanksgiving will be in Virginia with Drew and Kyrie this year.
    Love you all,
    Acts 18:9 God our sovereign Father always has our best interests at heart!!

  32. Good Afternoon Dr.
    Hope and pray that your day is going well today. You and Dr. Nick and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. It is another rainy day but the sunshine of the Lord shines brightly on your face. May the Lord give you peace and comfort today and always. Have a great weekend. Betty

  33. Good morning Dr: it is so good to see you doing SO well. keep up the great recovery.

    harry and betty cooney and the cooney neices